Always use the maximum brain capacity for
you... your team... your organization....

Our brain filters out high-quality ideas and information from our daily thinking - discards them - and unconsciously stores them for us.

Mathematically, in 99 out of 100 cases...

With our NEURONprocessor Software & Methodology we offer maximum access to this unconsciously stored memory content - for higher quality:

Ideas   Projects   Products   Concepts   Solutions Strategies   Developments   Creativity   Future Planning   Research ...

The results go far beyond the possibilities of ideation and creativity techniques available today.

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Far-reaching results in a much shorter time!

Easy to use

With the NEURONprocessor you increase the access to your 99% unconscious memory contents - simply in your browser!

Increased intuition

Your perception & intuition will increase dynamically during the application - as well as your everyday intuitions will be safer and more frequent.

Finding ideas & more!

With the NEURONprocessor you develop groundbreaking ideas & much more... in less time!

How can I methodically integrate the NEURONprocessor into my system or that of my organization?

Step 1 - Assignment: 

A NEURONprocessor project - let's say an ideation - can be carried out by you, your team or our experienced  Think Tank . First the desired project goal is formulated in an assignment. Then a template is created, which in the 2nd step queries all essential information required for an immediately applicable solution.  

Step 2 - “Brain missions”:

Regardless of device, time and location you, your team / organization or our certified solvers (idea developers) - carry out NEURONprocessor missions. These allow every user the permanent intuitive perception of extensive information with maximum access to his brain! This is achieved by a certain mental state induced by our software. 

Step 3 - Analysis & integration of results:

Next, all missions are analyzed by you, your team / organization or our certified analytics, to identify dense information clusters that represent the most valuable ideas and aspects that have not been visible so far. The same applies to the identification of obstacles in the process. These results are then integrated into the project via the tools and processes used.

What our users say ...

Hendrik B.


NEURONprocessor in management
"Since I started using the NEURONprocessor, I no longer have the problem of spinning around when I have to take a decision."

Karin B.


NEURONprocessor in architecture
"The NEURONprocessor has become a tool for me to get more out of my brain: Information that otherwise can't get through in a hectic day-to-day life."

Dirk R.

Research Director

NEURONprocessor in science
"I use the NEURONprocessor with my development team to overcome thinking blockages and development hurdles. Since then, everything has been running much more smoothly and things are moving forward."

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